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Bookkeeping Services

Need a bookkeeper?

Whether you require a bookkeeper once a week, once a month or once every three months, our experienced team of bookkeepers are available to meet your needs. Bookkeepers are available to come to your place of business or we can do what we need to do from our office, whatever suits you best! 

See our Bookkeeping page for what we can do to help you run your business more efficiently!

Payroll Services

Let us help you manage your business

We can help you prepare and manage your staff payroll so that you can spend time doing what you do best .... manage your business! Whether you pay your employees weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly you can be assured that we will take care of it for you and know that your payroll is being prepared accurately and timely!

We will provide your employees with personalized payslips. A record of employment (ROE) upon leaving employment and annual T4 slips (and other slips where applicable).

Corporate Income Taxes (T2)

(Corporate tax returns)

All corporations are required to file a corporate tax return (whether they are actively trading or not). We can help you meet your corporate tax obligations.

Corporate Tax Returns will also be accompanied by Notice to Reader Financial Statements unless requested otherwise.

Personal Income Taxes (T1 General)

Get the most out of your tax return!

Have your Personal Income Taxes prepared by a professional to ensure that everything is being included correctly, maximizing your refund or minimizing any taxes you may have to pay.

We can also assist you with any written correspondence from Canada Revenue Agency requesting further information.

Personal Financial Planning

Plans that fits your needs!

Are you on track for your retirement? Do you need help with paying off your debts quicker than you thought possible? Our services can help with managing your personal finances and setting a realistic goal for getting out of debt and knowing what you need to ensure that your not left in the dark about what you will need to have a retirement.

According to the Global and Mail, four out of ten Canadians are worried about their future retirement and many don't believe they are saving enough. Those that are managing to save, are not always saving in the most optimal financial investments.

You don't need to have thousands of dollars to make wise investments, you just need a wise financial strategy and GET STARTED! Let us help you custom fit a plan that's right for you and your budget, no matter how minimal that is. Saving something is better than not saving anything at all!

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